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Radiator Coolant and Antifreeze

Ready to Use Coolants

Non glycol based non-antifreeze coolant suitable for direct top up without dilution for vehicles running in warm climate. Pure distilled water ensures higher protection against corrosion.

Concentrate 1:3

Specifically developed for IC Engines running in warm climate, thus not requiring Anti-freeze properties. 
Can be diluted upto 25% for usage in automobiles radiator to get desired anti-corrosion properties.

pH : 8 to 9 

Concentarte 1:7

With higher concentration of Anti-corrosive additives, it can be diluted upto 12% by volume. Ensures higher drain interval.

pH : 8 to 9 

Part Anti Freeze Coolant

Product can be diluted in different ratios to achieve desired freezing points depending upon the climatic conditions.
Coolant Concentration on dilution:
100% : -38 C
50% : -12 C
33% : - 5 C
25% : - 3 C

Anti Freeze Coolants

100% Gylcol based coolants. 1:1 mixture with distilled water will attain freezing point of -40 C.

Coolant & Antifreeze: Products
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